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August 2019 Newsletter

You ask: Why is my blood pressure higher at my Wellness Clinic appointments or at home than at my doctor’s appointments? Which blood pressure readings are correct?

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July 2019 Newsletter

Is your work area hot during the summer? Take steps every day to prevent dehydration. You are especially susceptible to dehydration if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or take a diuretic medicine that increases your urine.

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June 2019 Newsletter

How can fast food be bad for you? Fast food is so convenient. What is not to like about: “thick and juicy”, “eat fresh”, or “better ingredients”? Fast food restaurants ‘bundle’ food so you will buy a large coke with your burger and fries and think you are getting more for your money.

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May 2019 Newsletter

What Kind of Worrier Are You?
Worrying is something you do when you anticipate something is going to happen in the future that you think might be harmful to you.

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April 2019 Newsletter

What’s the Best Diet?
Have you read a lot of advice on weight loss? Much of the advice is inconsistent, not based on current knowledge. Some advice is a company’s sales pitch to tempt you to buy their products.

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March 2019 Newsletter

Exercise Protects You
Research reported from Harvard scientists and others, show that when you exercise or increase your activity, your muscles release substances that help:

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February 2019 Newsletter

Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?
February is Heart Health Month. A good time to ask yourself: Your heart takes care of you, but are you taking care of your heart?

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