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First Year Employee with Very High BP: “You saved my life; I would never have gone to the doctor.” (3-16-10) First Year Employee: “Thank you so much, this is more than my doctor gives me!” (7-3-18)

Employee Spouse:  “I learn something new every time I come here.”  (SS 8/5/18)

Engineering Co. Employee: “I have to thank you. You were concerned about my low blood pressure and asked about dehydration. I was drinking 4-5 cups of coffee every day and taking way too much allergy medication.” Decreased both and increased water, then saw MD (as suggested) and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue syndrome. Started supplements, “no dizziness, no hot flashes, not tired or moody.” (3/31/16)

Manufacturing Employee:
“I really like coming here, this is my therapy session.” (2/9/17)

Entertainment Employee
“I’m really glad I did this, I didn’t know I needed to be worried about my blood pressure or how to fix it.” (11/1/16)

Engineer:  Very high blood pressure and intermittent chest pain for 1 month, RN strongly encouraged MD visit. Sent WHD RN text the day after the MD prescribed blood pressure medication, “My blood pressure is now 110/78.  Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate what you do for us at XXXX.” (2/23/17)

Engineer: “You have changed my life by encouraging me to exercise and eat healthy.  I cannot thank you enough for that!” (Text message to SV on 7/26/18)

Engineering Co. Employee::
“It’s just so convenient having you here. I like to keep up with my health and make sure nothing is wrong.” (8-8-18)

Engineering Co. Employee:
“I like coming here, if something is going wrong, I’d rather know about it.” (8-9-18)

Manufacturing Employee: “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to participate in this program, I think it’s wonderful.” (Stopped by clinic on 8/2/18 with a question)

Manufacturing Employee:   “You guys are one of the only bright spots of my life.” (5/24/18)

Engineering Co. Employee: “This is really good information!” (3/8/18)

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