Why Choose
Wise Health Decisions®?

Experience a Healthier Workforce.

Our RNs Provide Employees With Personalized, Therapeutic Coaching.

Wise Health Decisions® improves wellness, lowers chronic disease risk, and achieves individual sustainable behavior change.

Lower employer costs.  Healthier employees.

Our 6 Integrated Building Blocks of Success Makes Us Unique

RN Experts


Easy Employee Access


Clinically Proven
LifeStyle Coaching


Biometric Testing/
Health Screenings


Personalized Improvement Plan


Analytics/Program Effectiveness


Improve Wellness…Lower Chronic Disease…Sustainable Behavior Change

We Help Employers, One Employee At A Time!

Behavior Change Experts

Able to Tackle the High Cost Health Issues

Our Specialized Registered Nurse (RN) Coaches have the clinical expertise necessary to help you control your healthcare costs.

Specialized RN Coaches Aid Employees With:
• Chronic Disease Prevention
• Chronic Disease Risk-factor Control
• Management of Chronic Conditions
• Personalized Behavior Change Motivation
• Nutrition
• Weight Loss
• Exercise
• Emotional Well-being
• Stress Management
• Smoking Cessation
• Sleep Enhancement
• Medication Monitoring/Adherence
• Use of Software Apps/Fitness Trackers
• Medical Resource Referrals

Easy Employee Access

3 Ways to Participate

To ensure program access for all employees across the company,
Wise Health Decisions® offers employees 3 ways to participate:


At-Work Onsite Coaching Clinics

• We come to you!
• One-on-One, personalized, RN coaching to educate, motivate, and improve employee health
• Each employee is guided by the same RN health coach to maximize program impact
• Can accommodate all shifts, all locations
Onsite, Confidential, and Easily Accessible



So All Can Participate

Virtual Face-to-Face Access for:

• Employees Working at Alternative Locations/Small Sites
• Remote Employees
• Spouses (if desired)
• Combines with LabCorp or physician-obtained biometric test results for result-driven care.
Convenient, One-on-One, HIPPA Compliant


Telephonic Coaching

For the Extra Advice Needed

RN Coaches are only a phone-call away:
• For the employees that need it most
• Ensures employee progress month-to-month
• RNs engage, equip, and challenge
Easily Accessible, Expands Relationship, Ensures Progress


“Behavior change is the key to reducing health risks, reducing the prevalence of chronic disease, and reducing employee related expenses.”

2014 Healthcare Commission Report, pg 31

Clinically-Proven Lifestyle Therapeutic Coaching

• All of our coaches are highly qualified RN(s) with disease-management and behavior-change clinical expertise.

• Employee receives one-on-one, personalized, self-help improvement behavior change recommendations, that are easy to implement and are sustainable.

• Employees develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to embrace the behavior change necessary to:

• promote wellness
• delay/avoid chronic disease
• delay/avoid complications of existing disease.

• We help employees embrace behavior-change.

Coach, Educate, Motivate…Sustainable

Biometric Testing / Health Screenings

Numbers With A Purpose

Biometrics alone have little value – but are essential to assessing health and achieving sustainable behavior change.
For us, biometrics are:
• Used first visit to identify at-risk employees, educate about chronic disease, and recommend a frequency for coaching appointments. It’s personal, customized, and co-developed with the employee.
• Collected each employee session to assess if recommendations are working, identify trends, and check progress.
WHD offers:
• Real-time onsite health screenings
• Immediate delivery and result interpretation of onsite testing
• LabCorp or physician obtained test result use for alternative sites or remote employee convenience.
Biometrics help employees know test result numbers.
Coaching teaches the interventions necessary to lower health risk.

65 to 70%

of an individual’s overall health status is determined by individual lifestyle behaviors

US Centers for Disease Control

Personalized Improvement Plan

Every person is different…So everyone’s health improvement plan needs to be different.

At Wise Health Decisions®, each employee receives health improvement RN recommendations each visit that are:
• Customized according to their risk factors,
• Personalized,
• Confidential,
• Achievable, and
• Co-developed with each employee!

Goal-oriented… Achievable … Sustainable

Analytics / Program Effectiveness

Results That Matter

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have monitored our implemented employer programs since we began in 2001. We want your program to be successful. We care. We care about your program and your employee health. We monitor:
• Participation Rates
• Each employee’s health-improvement progress
• Aggregate changes for chronic disease risk factors
• Aggregate changes over time for each biometric test monitored
Ensures individual health improvement… Ensures program cost-effectiveness

Aggregate current client data demonstrates:

    • Average 90% participation rate for all our clients
    • Average 9% healthcare savings spanning all 1st year clients
    • Ongoing savings for employer-continued programs

The Best Employee Wellness Program

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Biometric Testing or Health Screenings needs you may have.