Results That Matter

Experience a Healthier Workforce.

Why Provide Therapeutic Coaching?

We help develop knowledge, skills, and confidence for sustainable behavior change.

Effective Wellness Programs Aim at Self-Care

Employers Save

Unhealthy employees negatively impact a business.
Wise Health Decisions® Health Coaching:
• Reduces employee health risks
• Reduces healthcare premiums
• Reduces healthcare costs
• Decreases absenteeism
• Increases employee satisfaction.
We prove it with Data Driven Outcome Reports for:
• Participation Rates
• Engagement Rates
• Changes/Reductions in Aggregate Risk Levels

You can control claims for chronic disease!

Current Client Data Demonstrates:

Average 90% participation rate for all our clients
Average 9% healthcare savings spanning all 1st year clients


“Behavior change is the key to reducing health risks, reducing the prevalence of chronic disease, and reducing employee related expenses.”

2014 Healthcare Commission Report, pg 31

Employees Embrace

Every employee wants to be healthy –
they might not know how to do it.

Wise Health Decisions® one-on-one coaching with an RN provides the personalized support each employee needs to:

• Promote wellness

• Delay/avoid chronic disease

• Delay/avoid complications of existing disease.

Improving the Health of Your Company, One Employee At a Time!

Deters Major Healthcare Cost Drivers

Why Provide Therapeutic Coaching?

• Lower elevated risk factors.
• To control claims data.

• For example, published PMPY claims data suggests preventing one individual from developing diabetes, can save a company an average of:


Helping one employee
at a time saves costs.


39% of all US adults are obese.

Ave. PMPY spent/year is $2,741 higher than non-obese individuals.

150% higher average spent than non-obese.


1 in 3 adults have pre-diabetes.

Ave. PMPY spent/year is $15,771 vs $6,384 for non-diabetic members.

250% higher average spent than for non-diabetic.

BP / Hypertension*

High Blood Pressure is hypertension.

Only 61% of adults with uncontrolled hypertension know they have it.

 High Blood Pressure causes:
• 4x more risk for a stroke.
• 3x more risk for heart disease.

High Cholesterol*

High Cholesterol has no symptoms but increases risks of heart disease.

More than 1/2 of adults who need cholesterol medicine do not take it.

The ave. cost of treating a patient with a heart attack is $18,200.

* CDC, 2018

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