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The Mission of Wise Health Decisions®

Our primary mission is to help your employees make effective self-care decisions resulting in healthier employees and controlled healthcare claims for your company.

When employees make effective self-care decisions, they can avoid or delay the onset of chronic diseases or the complications of existing disease. Effective self-care decisions will contribute to lower medical claims and help companies control healthcare costs.

  • Reduces employer costs
  • Improves employee self-care decisions and lifestyle behaviors
  • Avoid or delay the onset of chronic diseases
    or complications of existing diseases.


Clinical Solutions, LLC was founded in 1999 by two advanced practice Registered Nurses that continue to oversee operations today.
WHD  was offered to our first two clients in 2001. Due to continued cost savings, most of our clients continue year after year.
Of our early adopters, one has been a client for over 17 years, another one 10 years. Today, we continue to provide cost-effective solutions to various types of companies: manufacturers, engineering firms, entertainment companies, and nation-wide corporations. 

Wise Health Decisions® is wholly owned by Clinical Solutions, LLC.

Our Leadership

Nancy E. Dayhoff

EdD, RN, Co-founder

A Clinical Nurse Specialist and Associate Professor Emeritus of Nursing, Indiana University. Very result-oriented and data-driven to ensure WHD effectiveness. Years of practical experience instructing advance practice nurses on the science and skills necessary to coach patients to change their health behaviors, and to conduct clinical and fiscal outcome evaluations to assess the effectiveness of interventions and programs.

Patricia Moore

MSN RN, Co-founder, CDE

A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in the care of adults with diabetes and other related chronic disease. Oversees all daily activities while providing hands-on, proven coaching expertise. As a previous business owner of Diabetes Care Concept, PC, a private clinical nursing practice that coached patients in self-care management of their disease, she ensures cost-effective delivery of proven, RN-coaching techniques.

Advance Practice Nurses

Our Advance Practice Nurses are Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) who provide Wise Health Decision® program oversight and continuous quality improvements. Each is an experienced clinician and coach who continues to ensure adherence to current wellness and coaching practices. These individuals are responsible for the design of the program, development of coaching protocols, nurse adherence to program practices, and guide client outcomes. They ensure program success through continuous program evaluation.

Registered Nurses

Our highly qualified Registered Nurses have at least 5 years of acute care experience. Through our WHD designed educational program, they are taught to provide assessments, interpretations of test values for employees, and motivational coaching to help employees make effective self-care decisions.

Statistician/ Data Analyst

Our Wise Health Decisions® Program utilizes a custom, innovative electronic clinical record system to capture clinical and biometric data and coaching notes. An experienced statistician works with this system to ensure data integrity, data analyses, and the generation of client reports.

Support Team

Our professional team is supported by a team of proficient staff including: statistician, data entry, and appointment scheduler.

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If you have a passion for helping individuals make good self-care management decisions, consider joining our team.

Our Registered Nurses and staff make a difference in the lives of employees at each worksite and help company clients control healthcare costs.

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