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Healthier Workforce.

Lower Health Risks Through
Therapeutic Behavior-Change Coaching.

Nationally Acclaimed Workplace Wellness Program
Wise Health Decisions®

Wise Health Decisions® is one of the best Workplace Wellness Programs. Call us for any Onsite Clinic, WebCoaching, Telephonic Coaching, Biometric Testing, or Health Screening needs you may have. Our staff RNs provide the one-on-one support necessary to help employees lower their risk of chronic disease.  Lower employer costs. Healthier employees.


Our 6 Integrated Building Blocks of Success Makes Us Unique

RN Experts


Easy Employee Access


Clinically Proven
LifeStyle Coaching


Biometric Testing/
Health Screenings


Personalized Improvement Plan


Analytics/Program Effectiveness


Improve Wellness…Lower Chronic Disease Risks…Sustainable Behavior Change

We Help Employers, One Employee At a Time!

Meet Some Of Our Wellness Experts-RN Coaches and Staff

We help you control healthcare cost by using only highly qualified Registered Nurses (RNs) clinically trained in:

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Disease Risk-factor Control
  • Management of Chronic Conditions
  • Personalized Behavior-Change Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss Planning
  • Exercise

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Stress Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Use of Software Apps
    /Fitness Trackers
  • Medical Resource Referrals

Practical Advice That Works!

Clinical Solutions, Wise Health Decisions® has provided wellness in Indiana for over 17 years.

We have a proven track record with companies and employees. We are ready to help you with your Workplace Wellness Program.

Employers Save


Employees Embrace

The Best Employee Wellness Program

Call us for any Onsite Clinic, Web Coaching, Telephone Coaching,
Biometric Testing or Health Screenings needs you may have.