What's on your plate?

Want a simple way to eat healthier? Control your blood sugars? Lose weight? Try the plate method.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Start with a 9” plate or a lunch size plate; not a large dinner plate. Imagine your plate divided into four sections. 

Step 2. Fill ¼ of your plate with a lean protein food such as skinless chicken, baked fish, or a lean pork chop. Protein helps you feel full and stay satisfied.

Step 3. Next, fill ¼ of your plate with a healthy grain or starchy vegetable such as brown rice, small potato with skin, corn, or whole grain pasta. These carbohydrate foods give you fiber and energy, but be careful, they are tempting to overeat!

Step 4. Then, fill 2/3 of your plate with low-calorie vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots, zucchini, or a garden salad. These colorful foods are high in water, nutrients, and fiber so they help fill you up with very few calories.

Step 5. Add about a cup of fruit and 1 cup low fat milk or yogurt to round out your meal.

If you have a sandwich, you will have followed Steps 2 and 3.


 If you are looking for healthy recipes, try,, or other sites found on the internet. They are easy to make and not costly.

For more tips and help using the plate method, visit create-your-plate at


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What's on your plate?



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