Are you a food addict?

February is Heart Health month to remind you that you have only one heart and if you don’t take care of it, your heart won’t take care of you.

Most people know that overeating too much of the wrong foods, such as too much fatty foods or starchy foods (carbohydrates), or salty foods is not good for your heart. But, stopping your habit of overeating is hard... especially excessive snacking.FoodAddict2

Snackers of sweet, salty or crunch foods watch out! Overeating can become addictive!

Snacking pleases your senses…. your taste and smell.

Snacking can stimulate your brain to tell you that you want more, even though you don’t need more.

Addictions are hard to break!

What can you do to break the cycle of overeating? Some suggestions:


1. Read the label of your snack food and see what one serving size is. Allow yourself to eat only one serving, not the entire snack. Take out one serving and put the rest away.

2. Create your own snack packs with snack-size reusable bags.  Bring bags to work for your breaks or use them if you snack in front of the TV.

3. Be mindful of portion size at meals: one-fourth of your plate with protein,  one-fourth with carbohydrate (starch foods), and ½ of plate with fruits and non-starchy vegetables; use a lunch size plate rather than a dinner size plate at meals; avoid second helpings.PortionSize

Think about what and when you are addicted to overeating and create your plan to break your food addiction.

Begin now to break your food addiction to either prevent heart disease in the future or improve your heart now.

You have only one heart! Take good care of it.


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Are you a food addict?



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