Holiday-Induced Stress

Are you looking forward to the holidays with joy or dread?

Is your to-do list longer than you could possibly hope to get done in the time you have available? Are your ideal gifts more than your budget will tolerate?

 Will you manage your stress or will it manage you?

 Give yourself a gift:

present     1. Give yourself permission to be realistic with what you can accomplish.

     2. Give yourself permission to say ‘no’ if too many demands are made on your time and energy.

     3. Don’t drive yourself silly finding the ‘perfect gift’, look for a good gift as an alternative.

     4. Don’t be stressed out about planning a perfect party, plan a good party instead.

We know that stress is related to certain diseases; stress weakens your immune system, so you are more susceptible to infections, digestive flare-ups, difficulty sleeping, and many people eat too much to cope with the stress.

Ease up on yourself over the holidays, eliminate whatever is unnecessary, and enjoy it.

 The best gifts to give yourself are to:snowman

Take care of yourself (at least 5 minutes/day),

Pay attention to your own needs,

Engage in holiday activities that you enjoy,

Eat healthy and get enough rest and sleep.


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Holiday-Induced Stress



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