Who wants to eat healthy during the holiday?

Mashed potatoes and gravy, apple pie, and other holiday favorites can be a happy part of your holiday celebrations. However, holiday celebrations don’t have to wreck your plan to be healthy – to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or your blood pressure.

 It’s important for you to think ahead and make a plan.

1. If you ‘fall off the wagon’, it’s not a big deal; just get back on the next day.

2. Give yourself permission for occasional small treats, just not daily sweets. Eat what you love — in moderation.

3. Congratulate yourself for putting something healthy in your mouth… it’s not easy to avoid the  unhealthy holiday offerings. For example, choose white turkey meat and remove the skin, rather than dark meat that has more fat.

4. When you feel the urge to splurge in unhealthy ways, try something else first,   like drinking a glass of water, eating a piece of fruit, or climbing a few flights of stairs. You might even consider walking around your house or office for 5 minutes or more. Such diversions might be enough to help you resist unhealthy temptations.

snowball5. Talk to people. You'll slow down your eating pace.

6. At parties, sit or stand far away from the buffet table.sled

7. Chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free candy to curb your desire to nibble.

Have a great holiday season.

You can enjoy all of the great food in moderation, using small portions.



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Who wants to eat healthy during the holiday?



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