Why is my blood pressure different at work than my doctor’s office?

 It is well known that employees with high blood pressure are at high risk of heart disease. But what if your blood pressure is different at work than at your doctor’s office?

You may have a hidden heart risk.

If your blood pressure is higher at work than at the doctor’s office, it is called masked hypertension.

If your blood pressure is higher at your doctor’s office than at work it is often called white-coat hypertension.

* Both masked hypertension and white coat hypertension might signal that you're at risk of developing high blood pressure as a long-term condition, which can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney or eye disease.

Measurement at different times of the day, in different arms, or using inconsistent cuff sizes can also affect differences in blood pressure.

* Note: To increase the accuracy of blood pressures taken at work by the Wise Health Decisions® Nurses, the RNs follow medically recommended procedures of having you sit with both feet on the floor and sit for at least 5 minutes, relaxing as much as possible. sitThe Nurses use a blood pressure monitor that is very accurate; it is the same monitor that is used in emergency rooms and coronary care units. The proper cuff size is selected to assure accuracy.

You may be able to control the variability in your blood pressure by

drinkwater     * decreasing your salt,

     * drinking more water,

     * walking without stopping for at least 10 minutes one or more days/week,

     * sleeping at least 6 hours.

If changing your behaviors does not affect the variability in blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe medication.owlplainFor more information about this topic
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Why is my blood pressure different at work than my doctor’s office?



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